Enchantment Spell
Enchant a heart with true passion. Just a few examples of situations where the Enchantment Spell can help: You want a certain someone to fall deeply in love with you.You're looking for a passionate and intimate relationship. You're done with passing flings - and want the real deal! You are ready for love - so dive into a world of passion and desire with the Enchantment Spell. This Spell will directly transmit your desire to their heart. They will begin to feel the stirrings of a great attraction. This is the Spell to use if you want them swept away with the idea of being with you. This is a very powerful and popular head-over-heels Love Spell. I have been Casting it at the 7witches Coven for a long, long time. I can help make your dream of happiness together become a true reality.

Whether you have that special person in mind, or you're already in a relationship that may need strengthening, let the Enchantment Spell work for you.
Come Back To Me Spell
Even soul-mates can be torn apart by circumstance. Just a few examples of situations where the Come Back To Me Spell can help:
Your lover has left and will not come back.
You are ready to be together again.
 You want things to be the way they used to.

If you feel like your love ended prematurely, you need the Come Back To Me Spell. Every love must run its course, but... Just as the course of a mighty river may be interrupted, redirected or blocked, the flow of even the trust love can be tampered with.

Stop blaming everyone and everything, stop questioning what you could have done differently, and - most importantly - stop second-guessing your own self-worth. Once the Come Back To Me Spell is performed, the balance of desire will shift and your lover will be begging you to take him or her back. Bring back the good times. Think about the happiest time in your relationship, and I PROPHET ABUVIA can make it happen again. You deserve to be happy. Today and forever


*Barrenness in women |*Epilepsy |*HIV positive 1&2 |*Convulsion |*Bad dream

* Office promotion | *Marriage problem | *Penn!is enlargement | *Breast enlargement | *Fat reduction | *Anti poison | *Malaria & typhoid fever |*Sexually transmitted disease ( Gonorrhea, Staphylococcus, Syphilis, Herpes, Candidiasis E.T.C)

*Discharge* | Irregular menstruation  | *Weak organ | *Pile & diarrhea | * Low sperm count |* Asthma cough | *Quick ejaculation | *Chest pain | *Diabetes | *Hernia*Ulcer | *Hypertension | *Fibroid*Rheumatism | *Stomach disorder | *Back pain | *Weakness of the body | *Infertility in men &women | *Stroke (C.V.A) | *Blockage of Fallopian tube  | *bad worm killer | *mensuration problem | *Brian correction | *Business success | *Spiritual problem


Get in touch today and get your problem solve once and for all and be happy again.

Luck & Money Spells
Money and luck are often linked - both are vital in your life.

It's easy to forget about how much things can depend on luck. You know that misfortune could be waiting just around the corner. Why not take control?

My collection of special Luck and Money Spells are an effective way to ensure that things get turned around. Once you get on the right track, you will soon see things change in your favor and your fortunes transform.

Financial issues can be a big obstacle - so my special Money Spells are a great way to help and could bring good fortune and a great bank balance. There's so much money out there, so I want to make sure that you get your share. All this flows from the positive energy that these Spells unleash.

Browse through my collection of Luck and Money Spells and you'll see the wide range available. These Spells are great choices to ensure your life improves rapidly in these most important of areas. Whatever the situation, these will secure a prosperous change and make life a little or even a lot more comfortable.


ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!!ATTENTION!!! This is to inform the general public that PROPHET ABUVIA TEMPLE is not a place for site seeing and touring around or is it a place to catch fun. If you seek fun please go to a park and get it as PROPHET ABUVIA TEMPLE is a place where a lot of spiritual activities like; WIN COURT CASES, GET CURED OF ANY KIND OF STD, GET JOB PROMOTION, GET A GOOD JOB, GET MONEY DRAWING TALISMAN, TERMINATE DIVORCE PROCESS, GET EX- WIFE/ HUSBAND BACK, GET OUT OF JAIL, GET YOUR BUSINESS GROWING FASTER, TO GET A CALL UP LETTER FROM YOUR COUNTRY FOR SPORT AND CLUB, WIN LOTTERIES and so on, are carried out. Here at PROPHET ABUVIA TEMPLE, I do not entertain unserious customers. As in recent times, I have been encountering a whole lot of fraudsters by mails and what they end up doing is in a way seek for help and after which they leave the process of whatever help they have sought unfinished which make the spirits so unhappy and they end up unleashing their anger on the  prophet. And in this vane, I the priest Prophet Abuvia of PROPHET ABUVIA TEMPLE will place a curse on any customer that tries to play on the intelligence of this great temple. To my legitimate clients, the PROPHET ABUVIA TEMPLE is on Facebook only. If you get any messages via any other platforms, apart from my website and email, IT IS NOT FROM PROPHET ABUVIA TEMPLE. Outside your mobile numbers, my only other source of communication with you is via my my email; [email protected] You out there seeking for any kind of spiritual help, kindly contact me on the above email. May the spirits guide and protect you.
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Candle Spells
Love Seeker Candle Spell
Money Maker Candle Spell
Marriage Mender Candle Spell
Luck Changer Candle Spell
Jealousy Igniter Candle Spell
Love Destroyer Candle Spell
Curse Remover Candle Spell
Enemy Thwarted Candle Spell
Success Achiever Candle Spell
Health Preserver Candle Spell
Happiness Finder Candle Spell
Protection From Evil Candle Spell
Habit Breaker Candle Spell
Powerful Purifier Candle Spell
Honor The Dead Candle Spell

Disclaimer: My services are only available to those who are over 20 years of age and do not contact me if you are not sure of doing spell.
Individual results may vary. That's because casting a spell or creating an amulet is more art than science, and even the most gifted psychic will not be successful every time. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest. This is why I offer one year unconditional guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied, I'll refund your money. Period. No questions asked.

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